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Teaching Children

 I strongly believe that interest can and will result in learners' more interaction and increase their concentration and motivation to learn. As language teachers, we can get to know the learners and find out a lot about their interests. There are lots of age
appropriate resources available in the target language. Let's use them in our lessons in effective and motivating ways.

Teen language learners

Let's find out, if our groups of learners have shared interests in music, movies or TV shows and introduce them to the target cultures' music, movies or TV shows. We can probably combine textbook learning with our own material, while including songs
and movies in the target language.


Language learning is part of our lifelong learning process. Speaking more than one languages is helpful in many situations.
Whether you meet with people from abroad in your own country or while travelling in another country, it is great to communicate with them in their mothertongue. Mastering a foreign language also gives you a chance to fully appreciate liturature, music,
theater available in the target language. As always, it is important to find out, who your learners are in order to be able to help them learn a foreign language in the most efficient way.

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